ModestR Software

   ModestR is a a powerful but easy-to-use software tool for working with species distributions and taxonomic data. It is oriented to academic community, particularly people involved in Ecology and biodiversity management.

   Why we believe ModestR is interesting and different? Some reasons are (but not only):

ModestR is made up of four main applications: MapMaker, DataManager, MRFinder and MRMapping

ModestR is continuously improving to be more intuitive, faster and more useful. It is particularly CPU friendly, taking advantage of the current multi-core CPUs to perform complex calculations faster.
By default, a high precision world map is included in the ModestR installation package (©OpenStreetMap contributors, This map contains by default only sea and land areas, but it can be optionally complemented with full freshwater data, also available in this website. Also a ModestR taxonomic database based on fishes taxonomy data from IPez project with several maps is also available for download from this site, and it is regularly updated with taxonomy data and last modifications.